Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bragging Rights

Yes, I know this a very good shot of the back of a head and a very poor shot of something in the background. That something is Jessie's Middle School Concert band at state competition in Orlando last weekend. Jessie is at the far right with her tenor sax.
They won Best Overall middle school band and 1st place in their division! Woo Hoo! They also got to spend 2 days at Universal and Islands of Adventure.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Went for a very short trip to North Carolina last week. My friend, Carol went to babysit her grandson and I tagged along. While Noah was in school we went to this little quilt shop tucked away on a sidestreet, in downtown Fayetville.

Carol loved these two red prints, but not quite enough to buy them. I took their picture so in case she wants to go on a search later. Sometimes that happens. We see a fabric and don't buy it, then later, can't stop thinking about it. Then it becomes an obsession and we MUST have that fabric!

I met new friends and added to my Facebook list. Carol doesn't meet strangers, so she has friends, neighbors and family everywhere she goes. nice trip.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lil Red

Long time no post. Today I got a gift from my Uncle. Of course, today it's a gift. After I spend the time and money to make it road-worthy, it may be a curse! I have always wanted a Beetle. My son, Rubin, is 16 and is giant sized. He's 6 foot 2, weighs in at an incredible 275 and wears a 15 and 1/2 triple wide shoe. He can not fit into a Beetle. I can. Should he decide to get better grades, by Summertime, he might be able to drive the Hyndai (sp?) while I bee-bop around town in a lil red bug. cute!