Sunday, May 22, 2016

Coffee table

This is a butcher block that has been sitting on Mom and Dads porch since I don't know when. My Dads parents had a grocery store here at Crandall, many years ago. 
It was a Gulf station on US Highway 17, before there was an interstate 95. Here my grandad and his brother are standing out front. It was also a diner, general store, and smokehouse. They sold and bartered many things. 
Back to the table...
You can see from the photo it has been used, a bit. One of the legs was half the length of the others. Plus sitting at the edge of the porch as a catch all for at least 40 years, it has taken a toll. 
Dad showed me how to use his ancient grinder. I sanded and sanded. Then I pressure washed it. Then we flipped it over. I think it weighs about 300-350 pounds. 
Then I learned how to use his ancient circular saw. I measured and cut the legs off. I was going to replace them with some adorable little button feet I found. When I pulled the first leg off it was attached in such a cool way, I just left them. I wish I had taken a picture. There was a peg of sorts, about 3 inches wide at the end of the leg, that went into a hole, that I presume was exactly the same size as the peg. The peg, however, had a rim about halfway that was a tiny bit bigger. This is what holds them on so tightly. 
I have applied several coats of wax since this photo. But, here, for what it's worth, is my new coffee table. Dad thinks I have lost my mind. I like it. 

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Anonymous said...

That is one bodacious table!