Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Table settings and camera settings

Oh! Here I am! I have been lost for a couple of weeks. My camera battery is dead and the charger is on vacation. I don't know where, I hope he comes back soon. I finally decided to use Jessie's camera. Her camera is brand new and shiny, my is old and bulky. I am amazed at how easy the new one is to use. It may be time for a new camera for Mom!

This is a piece of fabric I found at Joann's. I bought it to make a bag for Athena. I don't know exactly how it happened, but it's now serving as a tablecloth. Just letting the wrinkles fall out. I really only meant to share one photo. I added all three to see which one I like the most and now I don't know how to remove the other two. Which photo would you pick? They all seem a little dark, but that is to hide the dirt and/or mess in the background.

Notice the stainless steel chair in the background of 1 and 3? I acquired 4 of them on a recent trip to North Carolina for very, very cheap. Just the frames. I made a posterboard pattern and my Dad and I cut the seats out of pressboard. I already had some nice fabrics to choose from. Now the problem. OMG, I had no idea how much foam costs! It would cost me another 25 bucks a chair for just the foam! Am I cheap or does this sound like a reasonable amount?

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