Saturday, February 21, 2009

Emerging artist

I am applying for a grant from a foundation that helps emerging artists to grow. A friend called and said she heard about this foundation and all she could think about was calling me. I had to provide pictures of work samples, including works in progress. This is my work in progress right now. It's a painting on muslin that will be a quilt as soon as I quilt it.

I put together the entire grant application in less than a week, as the deadline is very near and I'm leaving town on Wednesday. It will be in the mail Monday. If awarded a grant I will be able to finally take art classes! I have so wanted to learn the 'right' way to do things for so long! I may not actually do it the right way, but at least I'll know what I've been missing all this time. I just know this would help me develop as an artist.

I learned during the past week the value of having great friends. I sent out a group email to several people to ask for a reference letter. I only needed one or two, so that would allow most of them to pass if they were too busy. I got 2 excellent letters of reference. What was so great was most of them replied and gave me encouragement and edification. I went back to those emails several times as I got bogged down and discouraged. I even used some of their words in my resume and proposal statement. Even when they were professing not being able to help, they were helping more than ever! I thank God daily for being surrounded by beautiful friends.


Sunnie said...

You ARE doing it right!
But it's always good to have any classes possible.
Go for it!

Cheezdoodle said...

Thank you! It feels 'right' and that's half the battle, just knowing that I'm on the right track. I know I could learn so much more, and look forward to getting "righter'!