Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunrise at Camp Timpoochee is a bee-U-tee-full thang! But then, so was just about everything at Camp Timpoochee quilt retreat, hosted by the Flying Needles Quilt Guild in Niceville, Florida.
I had the priviledge of being the guest teacher for this year's retreat. I worked hard, but was treated like royalty from the time I arrived to the time I left.
I thought I'd be roughin' it with my friend/teacher's aid, Dottie, in a cabin. We brought all sorts of things we didn't need. Here is our cottage...

Then it got better! The retreat organizers stocked the cottage with goodies, made our beds with wonderful handmade quilts and decorated with fresh flowers!

Dottie is obviously happy with this set up, as am I! I met lots of new friends and hopefully inpsired some quilters. I didn't take lots of pictures of class time because I was so BUSY! Not until color theory class, where I get to stop teaching so much and become a cheerleader. I grabbed my camera and started snapping the improv quilts while they were creating them.

That last one started out as a pic of crop circles, evolved into olives with the color choice and finally became a retro beetle, complete with polka dot eyes.
There is no way, in just one post, I can tell of all the fun we had at Camp Timpoochee. Plus I'm late for church now! talk more later.


Sunnie said...

I had a great time several years ago teaching for the Flying Needles at Camp Timpoochee.
What a wonderful group! I'm glad you enjoyed them, too...I am sure they enjoyed YOU!

Anonymous said...

I've resorted to being anonymous -- just had to comment on your post and that gorgeous photo. I hope to see it interpreted in your own, truly fabulous thread scribbling!
Hugs, Sherry

Debbie Graham said...

What a wonderful job. Sounds like you were blessed. What a great gift you have and one you seem to enjoy so much. Your site is great. The pics from the Lake George are beautiful. Love you cuz!

bdg said...

You are So Amazing. Keep on Keeping on cause you really Got to Use Your Imagination.

You are the Bomb