Saturday, January 8, 2011


What makes a person beautiful?

We are conditioned to immediately think of physical appearance.

A certain shape and size is more desirable than another.

Curves in the 'wrong' place are not.

You've heard the phrase "A beautiful mind", is that what makes a person beautiful?

I love to talk to smart people, they think much more than I do and I think that makes them more considerate and kind. They actually think through the circumstances of their actions and words beforehand!

Is it our talents?

When Susan Boyle took the stage in that talent contest, the camera panned through the audience and judges, they were smirking and snickering. She sang her song and their jaws hit the floor. Her song made her beautiful, did it not?

I think that it is our soul that makes us beautiful.
Our inner selves that makes us love for the sake of love itself.
Think of the people you love the most.
If their appearance changed drastically, would you love them less? Make them less beautiful to you?
If they suffered a debilitating illness that took away their mind as you know it, would you love them less? Then would they be less beautiful?
If they left this earth altogether, do you stop loving them? Do you not still see their beauty in your soul?
I think that if we are not souls then we wouldn't be able to love this way, seperate of mind and body. When I think of beauty~ mind, body and talents are important but our soul is what makes it all come together.
ps. in case you haven't figured this out, we are focused on portraiture to start 2011.

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Sunnie said...

Most people become more beautiful as you get to know them better.