Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gonna have a party!

Well, Gerald is gonna have a party, I'm just going to host it for him. We invited the choir, and their families of course, to come over for a party after the Cantata on Sunday. Now, normally any party I hostess, I ask for covered dishes. It just makes sense. Many hands make light work. But this time, the choir has worked so hard all year to make sure when they sing praises they are all on key! Cantatas are hard work! So for this party, I'll do all the fixins and the trimmings and so forth. I need some Christmas serving dishes. hmm.
found this box of Christmas dishes...
and these adorable little glasses, at the local antiques dealer. For very cheap!
Add a little Liquid Nails acrylic glue....
and Wall-Ahh!!!
I have a whole set of Christmas serving trays and dishes. Ready to be filled with cream puffs, eclaires, spiced pecans, cookies and special Christmas Cake! I wonder who's gonna make all that!?!?

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