Wednesday, April 27, 2011

photo contest

Okay, if I haven't said so on this blog, I have a job. Not the jobs I have been doing for years; quilting, sewing, working at the church, taking care of children, parents, hubby and pets. No, it's a paying job. I get a paycheck every couple of weeks, and I have to report to work on a schedule, and follow rules and such. It's not so bad, after the initial shock wore off.
There is a photo contest at work. I have a new camera. The contest is monthly and the winner of the previous month gets to pick the topic of the current month. This month's topic is "Old Tombstones". The winner from last month's "Storm Clouds" has chosen this topic and already posted her challenge. It is a picture of Lester Moore's tombstone in the Boothill Cemetary of Tombstone, AZ. The site is very touristy, many many people take the same exact photo, standing in the same exact place.
I have lost 2 months so far. I would like to eventually submit a photo good enough to win. Here are my photos of some "old tombstones", tell me which ones to submit. I can submit two.

Praying Angel

Little Lamb



All Lined Up

Little Girl

Question: Do you think taking pics of tombstones is morbid or fascinating or morbidly fascinating?
There is a graveyard in Fernandina that is very old and beautiful to boot, called Bosque Bello. It has some prominent residents, and some very interesting life stories within it's fences. I could take an afternoon to go there and have a photo shoot with dead folks. They don't make sudden movements and they aren't worried about their makeup. These photos were taken in a small cemetary just a half mile away.


Anonymous said...

I like "Sunlit" and "Little Lamb".


Anonymous said...

"Mama" and "Little Lamb"