Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photo Contest results

I won with this one. Yes, it was Mother's Day when the photo was posted. Did I play on emotions by entering it? Yes. But.
The most important thing anyone has ever said to me or about me concerning my art is that it invokes emotion. I had never thought of it from that perspective before. Until then I was just following my instinct to make pretty things. If it felt "right" then it must be right. I knew, subconsciously, that it invoked my emotion, that's why I was making it. I just hadn't thought it through, that it would affect (or is it effect? I always get those two mixed up.) others' emotions as well.
Since then I haven't changed the way I make quilts, or art in general, except that when I'm done I wonder, "Does this invoke emotions?". I like looking at it from that perspective.

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