Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday!

I recently celebrated a birthday of a significant number. If I am lucky, it will be my halfway mark. I am hopeful.
I got 2 birthday gifts, both of which are perfect!
A good friend gave me a Keurig one cup coffee maker. I drink one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon. Up until receiving this gift, Gerald didn't especially like seeing the coffeemaker sitting there with one cup of coffee all day, waiting for me to microwave it and drink it in the afternoon. It kind of grossed him out. I don't mind drinking warmed over coffee, as long as it hasn't been scorched. Well, now I get to brew a fresh cup in the morning and another in the afternoon. smile. THANK YOU TAMI!!!!
My second gift came as a complete surprise! Out of nowhere, okay out of the mailbox came a package from my friends Rich and Beverly Hilton. It was a Big Sister! No....not a human big sister, silly! A bigger (and better) fussy cut ruler. Go check out their website! Now I can fussy cut even bigger blocks, and center them with my Big Sister, and do all kinds of wonderful things!!!!
I am so glad that I have friends that know me so well! Over the past week I have been inundated with well wishes and wonderful lunch dates and lovely little goodies from all my friends. Life is good.

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