Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Update

I must have been a good girl, Santa granted my wish!
We won the Division!
We only have 4 more stores to beat to be the number ONE store in the company!
Wow! Little ole Yulee! Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Most excellent!

When do they announce the (pardon me) Big Cheez?

I am rooting for you!


Cheezdoodle said...

LOL! We first have to go through ANOTHER corporate visit. This one will probably be the 2nd in command of the company, and possibly the CEO! Either way, I'll find out in the morning (5am) more particulars, and how many more aprons I have to paint. Any ideas for more "Florida" aprons?

Anonymous said...

Any critter from your first art quilt that hung in the museum in Gainesville...

Roseate spoonbill, plovers or willets (, raccoons, palmettos, osprey, panther, wild boar, beach bunnies, crabs, whelk or conch shell, royal tern, palmetto bug (just kidding, but we do have some colorful and exotic locust-type bugs), frogs. Mosquitos... Tourists...

Also, different views of subject matter you've already done. We think we "ought not" to repeat ourselves, but doing variations on a theme is a tried-and true way to go.


Cheezdoodle said...

I can think of a funny scene with tourists and mosquitos!