Monday, October 12, 2009

Traditions and Treasures quilt show and dinner

Welcome to our little quilt show! The quilts are NOT little, just the show! We thought we would have a little show. Something for our small group (22) of mostly beginner quilters to do to show what we've been up to on Tuesday mornings. Cornelia's tumbling blocks had to be hung sideways it was so BIG!
With a little hard work and a bunch of talented ladies, we surprised ourselves by presenting a lovely evening of quilts, a gourmet dinner, beautiful dessert buffet, and wonderful company! What a fabulous event! Much BIGGER than we bargained for.
Our chef, and Queen of the Kitchen~ Mary Ellen.
What a gorgeous group of young people! The youth group served dinner for us. Thank you to our dining room manager, Jessie Lee, for training and managing the wait staff. She did an outstanding job! Don't forget Victor the busboy.

The tables were set using fine and not-so-fine mismatched china and glassware. Each table had a color scheme complete with a quilt topper in the center. Tables were set for over 80 people to dine. We sold out of dinner tickets and had walk-ins later that we didn't have room to seat!

After an hour for quilt viewing dinner was served, then I did my clothesline trunkshow. Boy, was I nervous! This was the first time I had done this presentation for family and hometown friends.

But Gerald, the Master of Ceremonies distracted them with a beautiful table full of desserts! He also gave away a dozen door prizes throughout the evening.

He is not a public person, but we're working on it. He also happens to be my biggest fan and best supporter. He made the evening run smoothly and was as charming as ever.

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