Monday, August 23, 2010

MaVynee Betsch

The link above will tell you the Coastal Living's version of the "Beach Lady".

As little country kids, the best free entertainment around was the beach! We just had to find an adult willing to take us and man, what fun we could have! Main beach had a waterslide, the skating rink and putt-putt (before putt-putt there were trampolines). We normally couldn't afford all that, but we did sometimes have a quarter for an ice cold Coke. I had to reach up to grab the door handle, that's how little I was, but before I could push it, the door swung open...and there she was. She was tall and slender, the first thing I saw, though, was the hair draped over one arm and the long, twisted fingernails. I didn't immediately recognize them and it took a few seconds to register that the black mass, covered in buttons and beads was hair! And then the nails, I had never seen nails like that! Not even Mrs. Betty Jane Hagins long, squared, bright red nails were like this! By the time I had worked my way up to her face, she recognized me for the ignorant little white kid that I was. I imagine now how much fun it was for her to keep us half afraid of her. She stared down at me, waiting to see if I'd have the nerve to say anything. I did. I had lots of nerve. I said, "Excuse me, Ma'am", as I backed up and gave her room for a grand exit.

My throat was so dry, I hardly tasted that cold Coke going down.

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Sunnie said...

I am enjoying your posts on the local area!
The Beach Lady and Sara Alice Broadbent I have heard about, and even the eight flags of Fernadina...but I do hope you will find out and tell us about Rattlesnake Jimmy!