Monday, August 23, 2010

Sara Alice Broadbent

This was not a question that my guest asked, rather a clarification of a memory I shared with her as we ate lunch. We sat overlooking the intercoastal, at Barbara Jean's. I remembered my mom telling of an ultra reclusive woman that lived on the little island in the middle of the marsh. Just about the only thing I remembered correctly was the white cotton garb and crossing the marsh at low tide.
After some research I found this info:
Her name was Sara Alice Broadbent, she lived with her father on Crane Island, which was only accesible by boat or foot at low tide. It has passed from knowledge, but he was thought to be english. After he died she lived there very much alone until her home burned in 1952. Her remains were never found and a death certificate has never been issued.
She never wore shoes, and only wore feed sack clothes that had been bleached white. She worked for some of the old timers in their fields in trade for fresh vegetables and food. She was suspicious of most everything and if someone came near by foot or by boat she shot at them. She was taken to jail once for shooting at some folks, where she refused to eat, thinking it would be accepting charity.
What a character! In today's society I'm sure she would not be left alone, someone, somewhere would feel the need to rehabilitate her.
ps. Still looking for more info on Rattlesnake Jimmy, probably in a book around here.

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Tracy Weaver said...

My family has been on Amelia rd across the way from her island for many many years . My childhood was filled with many fond stories of the eccentric woman known as Sara Alice. She was kind to those she was close to and fiercely protective of what was hers . She loved my grandparents and they loved her . When my father was born prematurely shade sure there was kindling and firewood on the doorstep everymorni g before my grandparents woke up . She said that baby needed fire to keep from catching cold . Even though I never knew her it was like my dear old eccentric aunt . It is a real sad spot In our hearts to think what may have happened to her . They found her cats remains in the burnt house but not one hair of hers was ever found. She will never be forgotten in our family