Friday, January 9, 2009

Assembly line fabric kits

I have started making kits available for my quilt classes. I don't make that much profit from them, but it makes classes much, much more pleasant. I don't worry about students not having read the supplies list correctly and bringing the wrong thing, or worse, omitting important items.
These days I have several upcoming classes and one retreat where I'll do lots of classes in a short time. For the time being I am done with elephants, and moving on to sunset birds and shadowy leaves. I am knee deep in kits!
Today I went to Joann to use coupons on batting and kona cotton. I like to go alone. I wander several times through each department, thinking of different projects.

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bdg said...

Go alone? What is that? Hey I have an idea. Why don't you 'go alone' next week and I'll meet you there? Oh yeah; I can hardly wait.