Monday, January 5, 2009

"Other Junk - Cakes"

I'm holding back the quilt goodies, validating the 'other junk', as my daughter called it. I make cakes sometimes. Mostly for family and friends. They are usually over the top. More than expected. here are two that were pretty cool.

This was my daughter's Luau

birthday party cake. the bottom was a plastic container full of candy. We called him the Tiki Dude cake.

He tasted good for chocolate and yellow cake lovers.

When we lit the candles the 'grass' headdressing caught on fire and she had to blow really hard! What a fun day!

Another cool cake was the chopper cake for a friend who really liked Harley Davidson motorcyles. I did not intend for it to be so BIG, but it kept growing. The motor, gas tank and headlight(complete with flames), seat and tires were all separate cakes. The frame was aluminium foil (of course), but the handlebars were real leather with fringes. That graffiti just above the seat is actually the kid's name. He could read it, no one else could. Wish I would have taken better pictures.

I also have made more traditional cakes like this one for my friend Shirley. She was a blushing bride at 77 years old. Her new husband was completely smitten with her. It was very sweet.

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bdg said...

I like your cakes. I think they are art and not just cakes. My wife makes cakes also. Although, and don't tell her this, I like yours better. Keep up the good work.