Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Quilt Class

Tuesday is sewing day! We meet at the church and sew/quilt on Tuesdays, usually 15 of us. We are growing. Brand new quilters, experienced quilters and in between quilters. Some I have known all my life, my mother's friends, now my friends. They taught me in school or Sunday School, or were my Youth Fellowship Leaders. Some are old friends, some brand new. New members coming every week it seems.
We always have some homemade goodie, fresh coffee and lots to talk about.
Today we had lots of show and tell. 3 tumbling block quilts, 2 lone Stars, one beautiful pinapple batik wallhanging, and my latest art quilt, a landscape with lots of sunrays through the trees.
Next week someone's bringing lunch for after sewing. Is it any wonder I can't lose weight?

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bdg said...

save me some cake please.