Saturday, January 10, 2009

A friend has a blog and posted a pic of Duke, my little doggie.
He got fan mail all the way from Australia! He is awful cute. Here are some more cute pics of my favorite guy under 1 foot tall.

Duke LOVES to go boat riding! This trip we were stranded for hours out on the water with motor troubles. Everyone was so ready to step onto dry land. Everyone but Duke. He was ready to hit the water again!
Duke likes to quilt with Mommy. He keeps all the loose threads off the carpet. Such a big helper! Okay, not so big. He's eleven pounds. and about 9 inches tall.

He also does some modeling on the side. Here he can be seen on my Holiday email greeting to friends and family. He's a very good sport about silly hats and such, as long as he gets to stay near me.

Here's Duke judging a Hoola Hoop contest. He was happy to do it, considering all the entrants were pretty girls who wanted nothing more than to scratch his ears and talk sweet to him.
This is Duke's best doggie friend, Diane. She is a graceful old lady of 15. She is very patient and loving to her little impetuous friend, keeping him out of trouble when he barks at the neighbors and the squirrels.

Duke's feline friend, Red, outweighs him by 10 pounds. Red likes to intimidate Duke with his size. Duke is only a little afraid. If Mommy is around. Red is a very sweet cat who happens to like toying with small dogs.

We are actually looking at adding another puppy to our fun family. Probably another dachshund. More on that later.

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