Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jessie's Hair

The main topics when discussing my children with anyone are Rubin's size and Jessie's hair. Both are large. Quite large. Jessie's personality is pretty big also, but this post is only so big. One thing at a time. Here is a good shot of Jessie a couple of years ago with her hair in it's natural state. That's big brother, Rubin, right under her. The girl and boy on the sides are 'normal sized' kids, Alisha and
David. My kid's are 'SUPER SIZED'!

Okay, back to hair...

Jessie and I have experimented with many methods to keep her hair manageable and beautiful. I like it a lot in it's natural, curly (albeit frizzy) state with a wide headband to keep it out of her face. She does not. Straightening irons are an option, but it takes about 3 hours to straighten it (me or the salon) because it is so thick and long. We have bought at least one each of every kind of leave-in conditioner known to woman. The olive oil type, made for black hair works well, but she didn't care for the oil in her hair. After spending 3 to 4 hours straightening, if she gets it wet, it goes right back to curly. This was especially hard because (see first picture), she loves to swim and be in the water. I burn my thumb at least once per session, too. bummer.

After much discussion we decided to chemically relax her hair. This is common practice among her black friends, but they have black mothers who know how to keep it beautiful. Enter my Puerto Rican friend, Wanda. She has taken my daughter underwing. Her hair is close to Jessie's. So we went to the latino hair salon with Wanda and Alisha.


Sunnie said...

Large...big...tricky words!
While they may physically describe your beautiful children, they also refer to Rubin & Jessie growing into two fine young adults.
Growing up is really hard on parnets, though!

Sunnie said...

It's also hard on parents.